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​​Honorary Members.....

Nelson Camera Club​ are delighted to announce that we now have three new honorary members, Mr Edward Charlesworth, Mr Edmund Hirst and Mrs Iris Hirst. Our three new honorary members between them have served Nelson Camera Club over the years in many different ways from being the president, secretary, committee, and a host of other duties right down to making and serving cups of tea & coffee.

Their certificates of honorary membership was awarded on the 15th December 2015​.

Congratulations to each of you​, and a big thank you from all the members at our club.


"Definitions for Categories" ​ has now been added to the Competitions page, so if you are not sure as to what goes in what section, e.g. Nature, General, Mono, Photojournalism, have a read of the Definitions for Categories on the Competitions page, or click here to go there.

December​​ DPI Competition 3

To-nights Digital Image Competition was the last one in the series for this year.

We had another good entry with a total of 84 images in two sections ( Nature & General ) the judge for tonight was Mr Gordon Bartley ARPS of Southport who did a really good job of choosing the top 5 in each section.​

Click here to see the winners.​

Blackburn Extravaganza

Monday 9th November, Nelson Camera Club entered 4 images in the Blackburn Extravaganza competition at Samlesbury.Nelson came in 3rd place out of an entry from 8 clubs. Walker gained a maximum score of 20 for her image “Hidden Secrets”


1st Bury 74 marks

2nd Ribblesdale 72 marks

3rd Nelson 71 marks

4th Burnley 67 marks

=4th ​Padiham 67 marks

​6th Blackburn 65 marks

7th Accrington 63 Marks

=​7th Colne 63 marks

Nelson Entry

Hidden Secrets - Walker 20 marks (Maximum score)

Keeping up the Pace - Howard Harrison 17 marks

Leucistic Red Kite - Andy Pritchard 17 marks

​Storm Clouds in the City - ​Roger Johnstone 17 marks​.

Well done everyone another good result​.

​​Print Competition 3rd November

The​ entries for the print competition increased by a massive 25% to 46, this was due to an influx of new members joining our club and taking a active roll in entering competitions, ​a warm welcome to you all.

Our judge tonight was Mr Harry Emmett from Accrington​ who did an excellent job of picking the top six.

Results are now on the competitions page, click here to see them.​

Themed Digital Image Comp​​....results...

Each year as a one off, we hold a digital ima​ge competition with a "theme", and the theme this year " Street Photography", was chosen by Bill Smith, Bill won the competition last year so he gets the privilege of picking the theme for this year.

Hope you are following all this.

Our judge for this year was Mr mike Davis from Rochdale who had had a mammoth task of choosing the top 5, then having to place them from 1st place down to 5th.

He congratulated everyone for submitting such good work, and with 80 entries to get through it was no easy task.

To see the winners click here, or go to Results 2015 on the Competitions page​​.


P​​rint Competition 29th September

Tonight's competition​ was judged by Mr John Fletcher CPAGB from Longridge.

​John had 36 images in this open category competition, and he finally choose his top 6 after much deliberation, the standard of work still keeps increasing and members are having to pull out all the stops to get into the top 6 places. Congratulation to everyone who entered and made this an exciting competition.

Click here to see the winning images​

​​PDI Competition 8th September 2015​​....results

With 80 entries in tonight's competition  our judge certainly had his work cut out, this was all down to Mr Bob Rawlinson from Burnley. It took some time but eventually got it down to the final 10 ( 5 General & 5 nature ). to see the winning images click here.

ICPA Annual Club Competition.

This competition was judged by Brian Law of Macclesfield.

In The Colour Prints Nelson came 5th out of 13 with a score of 62 marks.

In The Monochrome Prints Nelson came 5th out of 12 with a score of 60 marks.

In the Digital Projected Images Nelson came 5th out of 15 with a score of 61 marks.

Bill Smith was awarded a “Commended” in the Monochrome Prints for “Roy with Hat” which received 17 marks. (max 20), once again congratulations to Bill Smith, looks like Bill is on a winning streak....

Print Competition25th August 2015

Tonight's print competition​ was judged by Mr Adrian Hendley CPAGB of Colne, there were 29 prints and he commented on how the standard of our members work had improved since he was last here. After long deliberation he managed to pick out the final 6 which gain points towards this years Photographer of the Year competition. Its congratulations to Mr Bill Smith who took 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th places with the 4 prints he entered, that's quite an achievement, well done Bill.

To see the results click here.​


Why can't I see my RAW files in Windows Picture Viewer?

Well now you can, Microsoft have released a Codec for doing just that. ​ The Microsoft Camera Codec Pack enables the viewing of a variety of device-specific file formats in Picture Viewer. Head over to Photography Info for the link to download the files.

Annual L&CPU Club Competition May 2015.

Nelson did extremely well, particularly in gaining 4th place in the Nature Digital Competition. In the Print competition, 11 prints were retained for folios from the 24 submitted, well done.

May's Print Competition.

The​ results of the print competition are now on the Competitions page, click here to go there.

PDI Competition 5th May 2015​​....results

The results are now on the Competitions page​, we had two categories, General & Nature and all together there was a total of 53 entries, congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone who entered, once again the standard was very high. Click here to go to the results, or go to Competitions and choose Results 2015.

​ICPA Annual DPI Knock-out Competition

In this​ years Annual Competition which was held on Saturday 11th April at Rishton, we were up against 15 other clubs, Chorley PS came out the winners with Leyland & Darwen coming second & third, we managed a creditable 8th with 53 points, well done to everyone who entered their images.


The syllabus for the second half of the year has now been published​, to see what's going on nip over to the Club Diary page, or click here to see it.

Members Gain Success....

Two​ ​​of our members gained success in the L&CPU Individuals Competition in February this year, they were Walker with a commended for her Colour DPI  " Marys Shell "

​and Roger Johnstone who came12th in the Photographer of the Year Competition ( Prints & Digital )​. He also came 14th in the Print Worker of the Year, plus he came 24th in the Digital Worker of the Year. Congratulations to you both.

Print Competition ​​21st April 2015

The winning images have now been published on the competitions page​, click here to see them.

Saturday​​ 28th February 2015

Our Annual Dinner and Awards Presentation was held tonight at the ACE Centre in Nelson, this is a really good night to get away from the club room and have a meal, a few drinks, and just have a ​nice sociable evening​, plus we get to know who's won what with our Annual Competition.  Thanks to all who attended the Annual Dinner for making it such a good evening,

and a really big thank you to all the staff at the ACE centre for such a good meal and the excellent service ​they provided for us.

The​​ results of our Annual Print & PDI Competition are now on the competitions page. Click here to view the winners.​​​

New Galleries

Roger Johnstone, Geoff Proctor and Tony Mellor have updated their galleries​ with new images, click here to see them.

Tuesday 20th January​

Tonight we held our Annual General Meeting​​, go along to the

Who's Who at the club to see the new officials and who's on the committee.

Images From The Annual Dinner 2015

Ken Wilmore with his winning image, Wood Pigeons in a Courting Mood

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Fight for the Lead
Large Boulder on Twiston Scar
East Lancs 40s Gala

Bill Smith's, 2nd, 3rd,4th & 5th place images

Bill Smith's  "Roy with Hat"

Keeping Up The Pace.jpg
Hidden Secrets.jpg
Leucistic Red Kite.jpg
Storm Clouds in the City.jpg

Nelson's entry in the

Blackburn Extravaganza​

Our three new Honorary Members.

Mr Edward Charlesworth​,

Mr & Mrs Edmund Hirst.

NCC 003
NCC 004
NCC 005
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