Membership is £15 per year payable in January each year.

Because we do not have weekly meetings at the club during June & July, there are no new memberships during that period. Anyone joining after that will pay a reduced amount.

New members joining during October, November and December will be charged for a whole year but it will last until the end of December the following year, so in fact, you will get up to three months' free membership.

Submitting images to the website galleries

Members are permitted to submit up to 15 images for display on the club website gallery pages.

Size them in accordance with the guidance for Digital Image competitions, i.e., images should be no bigger than 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high. If your images are smaller than this in either direction, please fill the extra space with black, which will then be unseen when it is uploaded to the website.

Sharing information

If you have any information which you think other people would find useful, please share it with us.

If you find any books or magazines that are beneficial to you,  or inspiring websites, or find offers and discounts, etc.,  it would be great to be able to share these little nuggets of joy with the other members at the club.

Please pass them to the Webmaster at one of the club meetings.

Alternatively, contact us by email at the following address.                                               



Membership Information