Results 2024
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Digital Images Open

1st Place - Bed Time Story - Bill Smith

Winner of the Projected Image Trophy

2nd Lakeland Reflections - David Roberts

3rd Under Arrest - Tony Mellor CPAGB

Digital Images Nature

1st Place Fluffed up Goldfinch on Broom Seed Pods - Bill Smith

Winner of the John Moore trophy

2nd Nuthatch - Bill Smith

3rd Common Lizards Basking - Roger Johnstone CPAGB

Annual Competition 2024

Prints Open

1st Place Peaky Blinders Guarding The Goods by Tony Mellor CPAGB

Winner of the Geoff Proctor Trophy

2nd I'll See You by Bill Smith 

3rd Chocks Away by Roger Johnstone CPAGB

Prints Nature

1st Place Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly - Bill Smith

Winner of the Maisie Alice Harrison Trophy

2nd Beautiful Demoiselle  - Tony Mellor CPAGB

3rd Fox On The Prowl Howard Harrison

5 Minute AV Competition 2024

The Winning AV - Another Little Bit of New Zealand by Brian Hinton

Winner of the J W Franklands Trophy & Print Photographer of the Year - Tony Mellor CPAGB

Winner of the Henry Smith Cup & Digital Photographer of the Year - Anne-Marie Imeson

April 2024 - Digital Image / Print Competition 

Open Digital

1st The Old Mill Borrowdale - David Roberts

2nd Caught Red Handed - Roger Johnstone CPAGB

3rd Lady in Red - Brian Hinton

4th Frost at Brierfield Mill - Stephen Singleton

5th The Helix Bridge - Mark Robinson

Nature Digital

1st Male Siskin on Pine Cones - Bill Smith

2nd Red Backed Shrike - Roger Johnstone CPAGB

3rd Goldcrest - Anne-Marie Imeson

4th Beautiful Demoiselle - Tony Mellor CPAGB

5th Nuthatch - Howard Harrison

Open Print

1st Check Mate - Bill Smith

2nd Chocks Away - Roger Johnstone CPAGB

3rd The Doorman - Tony Mellor CPAGB

4th The Boys are Back in Town - Mark Robinson

Nature  Print

1st Long-Tailed Tit on Teasel - Tony Mellor CPAGB

2nd Blue Tit Feeding on Flower Seeds - Roger Johnstone CPAGB

3rd Red Deer Herd - Anne-Marie Imeson

4th Cormorant Drying Wings - Howard Harrison

May 2024 - Digital Image / Print Competition 

Open Digital

1st The Lone Man Tony Morris

2nd Paddle Faster Brian Hinton

3rd Burnley Chimneys Mark Robinson

4th Dusk at Valencia Tony Morris

5th Jelly-fish nebula Dom Lloyd

Nature Digital

1st Large Red Damselfly - Howard Harrison

2nd Surprise,Surprise Two Male Robins - Bill Smith

3rd Bow Fiddle Rock in Portknocki - Michelle Thompson

4th Short Eared Owl Hunting - Sean Davis

5th Reed Warbler Fledgling - Howard Harrison

Open Prints

1st These are my Streets - Bill Smith

2nd Lone Tree- Brimham Rocks - Roger Johnstone CPAGB

3rd Cold Stare - Mark Robinson

4th Window Shopping - Elizabeth Brown

Nature Prints

1st Male Chaffinch on a Pinecone - Bill Smith

2nd Red Squirrel in the Forest - Tony Mellor CPAGB

3rd Common Blue on Ribwort Plaintain -Tony Mellor CPAGB

4th Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly - Roger Johnstone CPAGB