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Digital Image Comp No. 3......

The last of our digital image competitions for this year was held on the 29th November, and our judge for the evening was one of our own members Mr. Gordon Bartley ARPS of Southport. It was Gordons task to choose the top 5 images from 2 sections, firstly the Nature section and then the General section. He did  it on a round by round basis only eliminating what he thought was the weakest images in each round until he got down to his final choice of the top 5 in each section. Click here to view the winners.

Two members gain their CPAGB.....

On Saturday 26th November The Scottish Photographic Federation held The PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit at Stirling in Scotland were 2 of our members had sent their entries and also they both attended on the day.

Mr. Michael Whittaker & Mr. Tony Mellor both achieved good results with their entries and topped the 200 marks needed to gain the award, Michael got an overall score of 227 in the print section, and Tony got an overall score of 223 in the PDI section, so its congratulations to both of you, and you can now add the letters CPABG to your names. Well Done.

November Print Comp Results.....

The last of this years print competitions was held on Tuesday 1st November and as always we had an excellent response with quite a lot of images. Well its congratulations  to Bill Smith once again who achieved top place with his superb portrait of "Alan" well done Bill. We must congratulate everyone who has entered prints over the year for the exceptional  quality of prints that our members are producing, well done everyone keep up the good work. Click here to see the results.

Annual Themed Competition Results...

Our theme for this year was chosen by last years winner      Mr. Ken Wilmore and his choice for this years theme was "Landmarks". We had 54 entries with landmarks from all over the world, and the competition was enjoyed by all. Lesley Whittaker came out the overall winner with her image of Brooklyn Bridge, also Lesley gets to choose next years theme.

Click here for the results.

ICPA Certificate of Merit.......

A Certificate of Merit was presented to Ken Wilmore at the club by the President, Jeff Needham.

This had been received from the ICPA in recognition of his award of 2nd place in the Colour Print section of the ICPA Annual Competition 2016 for his print "Female Blackbird Eating Berries"

Bill Smith gains PAGB Certificate

A certificate awarded by the PAGB in their Inter-Federation Print and Digital Image Competition and Exhibition 2016 was presented to Bill Smith for his Nature Digital Image "Fighting Starlings".

This image was used by the L&CPU as part of their entry and chosen by the PAGB for their Exhibition.

Congratulations Bill

SeptemberPrint Comp Results....

Print competition number 4 of 5 took place Tuesday 27th Sept. There were 31 prints in total, and they were  judged by Adrian Hendley of Colne. Adrian kindly stepped in to judge at the last minute because the judge who we had booked could not make it.

Adrian once again did a first class of choosing the top 6 images which will go through to our Print of the Year competition to be held on 3rd January 2017.

Click here to see the winners.

Digital Image Comp No 2...

Results for the second of our Projected Image Competitions are now on the Competitions page under Results 2016.
We had 53 entries in total:   15 Nature, 38 General
Jane Lines was the judge and had much to contend with as we had a tremendous thunderstorm and the power went off in the building just as we were about to start. 

The noise eventually stopped and we were able to carry on in peace, but Jane did make a start with the alarm still ringing, and as always did a splendid job of choosing the top 6 images from each category.

The two 1st places went to Tony Morris with Tour De France 2016 & Andy Pritchard with Red Kite Rolling into the Dive.

Click here to see the winners.

Nelson V Whitworth.....

Inter Club Battle

Tuesday 6th September Nelson CC had a return Battle with Whitworth PS held at Nelson.
Each club entered 15 digital images and 10 prints which were expertly judged by Harry Emmett of Accrington.
His comments and constructive critique made for a most enjoyable evening.
Digital Images were first and Nelson gained a maximum score of 20 for two images - "Tiger" by Jean Greenwood and "Wasp on Ivy" by Andy Pritchard.
Total scores in this section - Nelson 256 Whitworth 226

Next came the prints which was a much closer contest with Whitworth having the only maximum score of 20 for "Dipper" by K Duffy.
Nelson however just had the edge. Total scores - Nelson 169 Whitworth 164

Nelson therefore were the overall winners - Nelson 425 Whitworth 390

A good night enjoyed by all

August Print Comp, Results.....

Results are now on the competitions page under Results 2016.

Its congratulations to Michael Whittaker again who took the top spot with a portrait of "Susan" well done.

Our judge for the evening was Barry Noon of Altham who did a remarkable job of choosing the top 6 places out of a total entry of 37 prints. Click here to see the winners.

ICPA, Annual Competition 2016 Results....

We now have the results from the ICPA (Inter Club Photographic Alliance) Annual Competition 2016 in which 15 clubs made an entry.

In the Colour Print Competition -
Nelson CC came 2nd with 76 marks. 
Ken Wilmore received a maximum score of 20 for "Female Blackbird Eating Berries" which was given a second place in the competition.
The winning club was Chorley with 78 marks.

In the Digital Projected Image Competition -
Nelson CC came 4th with 70 Marks.
The winning club was Leyland with 76 marks

In the Monochrome Print Competition -
Nelson came 11th with 67 marks.
The winning club was Chorley with 76 marks

The individual scores can be found on the ICPA website   inter-clubphotographicalliance.weebly.com
On the homepage click Learn More under Results - then click on PDI Results/Colour Print Results/ Monochrome Print results

A very creditable performance by the club

Judges & Judging.....

A new article has now been put on the Tutorials Page about judges & judging, its quite long but has some interesting points. Click here to go to Tutorials.


The syllabus for the second half of the year has now been published, go over to our Club Diary page to see whos on and when or click here to go straight there.

May's Print Competition Results......

The second print competition of 2016 was held on Tuesday 24th May, we had 32 entries, our judge for the evening was Mark Williams from Chorley. Mark held back 9 images from the folio which he then had to choose 6 to go through to our image of the year competition which will be held on 3rd January 2017.

Congratulations to Michael Whittaker on getting 1st place and we look forward to seeing more of his work in the coming months.

To see the images click here.

May's PDI Competition Results......

Results of our first Digital Image Competition have now been published on our Results 2016 page.

We had a good start to the season with 58 entries, 31 in the General category and 27 in the Nature category.

Mike Davies of Rochdale was the judge for the evening with his comments and remarks being well received.

Click here to go to the Results 2016 page to see the images.

L&CPU IndividualsComp, results.....

The results from the L&CPU Individuals Competition May 2016 have just been published. Four of our members entered.

In the Digital Worker of the Year: Entries from 125 workers.  (12 images per worker)
Walker came 23rd with 133 marks
Bill Smith came 36th with 131 marks
Andy Pritchard and Tony Mellor came joint 51st with 128 marks

In the Print Worker of the Year: Entries from 49 workers      (12 prints per worker)
Bill Smith came 20th with 130 marks
Tony Mellor came 37th with 122 marks

In the Photographer of the Year: Entries from 41 workers,(12 prints and 12 Digital Images)
Bill Smith came 14th with 261 marks

Tony Mellor came 30th with 250 marks

7 prints have been retained for the Folios.

Well done to you all.

April Print Competition......

The first of five print competitions for 2016 got under way on Tuesday 26th April. We received 42 entries and the judge for the evening was Mr. Mike Lawrence from Oldham who remarked about the high standard of our members work, and that judging this competition was not going to be an easy task. In the end it was Howard Harrisons print of a Nuthatch that came out the overall winner. Congratulations to Howard and all those who entered the competition, well done.

To see the images click here.

Inter Club Battle......

Monday 18th April, Nelson CC did battle with Whitworth PS.

Each club had 25 entries, 15 digital and 10 prints, an external judge was booked (Mr. Mike Lawrence of Oldham C) both teams turned up for an 8 o'clock start, this was held at  Whitworth venue, which has a bar I might add, so with  beer in hand let battle commence.

Digital images was first up and although Nelson had the best image with a score of 20 points, (Congratulations to Walker with Liverpool Remembers) Whitworth came out the winner with 253 points against Nelson with 250.

Next came the prints and again Nelson had the best print scoring 20 points, (Congratulations to Roger Johnstone with Lone Tree at Winskill)  but after judging was over the totals had to be counted a few times, before Nelson CC came out the overall winners. Nelson scored 173 points with their prints and Whitworth scored 164.

Final scores Nelson CC 423, Whitworth PS 417.

A good night was had by both clubs, and we look forward to the return battle later on in the year. 

Free Free Free.....Nik Filters Announcement...

Today we’re making the Nik Collection available to everyone, for free.

Photo enthusiasts all over the world use the Nik Collection to get the best out of their images every day. As we continue to focus our long-term investments in building incredible photo editing tools for mobile, including Google Photos and Snapseed, we’ve decided to make the Nik Collection desktop suite available for free, so that now anyone can use it.

Follow this link to get your free download...........


ICPA Annual Digital Projected Image Knockout

The ICPA Annual Digital Projected Image Knockout was held last night, Saturday 12th March 2016 at the Canberra Club, Salmesbury Aerodrome, hosted by Blackburn Camera Club 

15 clubs entered (10 images per club) and Nelson Camera Club gained a very creditable 3rd place with 42 points only 8 points behind the winners which was Chorley Photographic Society.

Congratulations to Chorley on winning, and congratulations to Nelson on a very respectable 3rd place.

Scores              Chorley PS        1st  =  50

                          Leyland PS        2nd  =  46
                          Nelson CC          3rd  =   42
                          Ribblesdale CC  3rd  =   42
                          Bury PS             5th  =   41
                          Preston PS        5th  =   41
                          Blackburn CC      7th  =  37
                          Padiham PS      8th   =  36
                          Rochdale PS     8th  =  36
                          Colne CC         10th  =   33
                          Darwen CC      10th   =  33
                         Burnley            12th  =  32
                         Rochdale CC    12th  =  32
                         Bacup CC         14th  = 31

                         Accrington        15th  =  28

L&CPU Annual Club Digital Comp Results....

Nelson CC did really well in the L&CPU Annual Digital Club Competition on Saturday 27th February 2016.

Here are the results we achieved.......

Colour Digital.....20th place out of 42 entries

Mono Digital.....13th place out of 42 entries

Nature Digital.....10th place out of 42 entries.

Final Club Ranking...Joint 14th with a total score of 267.

Congratulations to everyone who entered.

Tutorial Added......

A new tutorial has been added to the tutorials page, recommended by Geoff Proctor, all about how to use refine Edge. Click here to go there.

Revised Monthly Competition Rules.....

Before entering this years competitions please read the new rules which have been revised from February 2016.

Go over to the competitions page or click here to read them.

Saturday 27th February 2016

Our Annual Dinner and Awards Presentation was held tonight at the ACE Centre in Nelson. Thirty two members attended, making 4 tables of 8. We all had a really good night and once again the catering staff at the ACE Centre put on a really good meal. Thanks to all who attended the Annual Dinner for making it such a good evening, and a really big thank you to all the staff at the ACE Centre for such a good meal and the excellent service they provided for us.

Click here to see all the Annual Competition results.

Congratulations to all the winners - especially to            Bill Smith, who produced some amazing photographs to win 5 trophys out of six - a remarkable achievement. The other trophy went to Walker for her entry "Healy Dell". Congratulations to ALL competitors for producing such a high standard in this year's Annual Competitions.

5 Minute AV Comp....

Our first competition of the year was held on Tuesday 2nd February, it was our Audio Visual Competition for members only. This competition had 15 entries, all of them very entertaining. The competition was judged by our members, and the winning entry was that of Tony Mellor, entitled Pond Life. Well done to all who entered and made it such a good night.

New Gallery.....

Howard Harrison has now published his Gallery of Images, click here to see them.

Change of Speaker.......

We have a change in speaker for the 9th February 2016.

Our speaker is now Chris Freeman of Halifax and his talk is titled " Jungle Look " The birds, the bees and the Kapok trees.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

John Moore

It's with great sadness that we have to announce the death of John Moore on Thursday 21st January 2016. John had been a valued member of Nelson Camera Club for many years.

Always a true gentleman, and never a complaint as he struggled with increasing difficulties in mobility.

He will be greatly missed. 

Annual general Meeting...

Our AGM was held on Tuesday 19th January and the new officials have now been published on the Who's Who at the club page click here to go there and get to know who's who.

There was only 1 change to club competition rules, and that was to Digital Image Competitions, previously we could enter 4 images into these competitions, this has now been reduced to 3 from now on. The committee thought that we were getting to many entries, and a reduction to 3 images per person would give the judges more time to appraise each image.

ICPA Website.....

The Inter Club Photographic Alliance now have their own website, to see what's going on in the Alliance click on this link ICPA or click on their logo on our home page. 


Print & Projected Image of the Year 2015........

Bill Smith does it again, and a double this time.

Bill carries on with his winning streak right up to the end of 2015, not only did he get awarded  Print of the Year, he was also awarded  Projected Image of the Year.   ( See Images )

The judge for the evening was Adrian Lines, the image shows Bill receiving his trophy's from Adrian who once again did a superb job judging our Image of the Year Competition.

Congratulation once again to Mr Bill Smith.


The syllabus for the first part of the year has now been published, click here to go there.

Updated Gallery......

Bill Smith has updated his Gallery of Images

click here to see them.

Honorary Members.....

Nelson Camera Club are delighted to announce that we now have three new honorary members, Mr Edward Charlesworth, Mr Edmund Hirst and Mrs Iris Hirst. Our three new honorary members between them have served Nelson Camera Club over the years in many different ways from being the president, secretary, committee, and a host of other duties right down to making and serving cups of tea & coffee.

Their certificates of honorary membership was awarded on the 15th December 2015.

Congratulations to each of you, and a big thank you from all the members at our club.

Our three new Honorary Members.

Mr Edward Charlesworth​,

Mr & Mrs Edmund Hirst.

NCC 003
NCC 004
NCC 005
Mr. John Moore

​​Tony Mellor receiving his trophy for his winning entry "Pond Life" from Jeff Needham, president of Nelson Camera Club

Images from the Annual Dinner

A selection from the

​ L&CPU Digital Club Competition

Fallow Deer
small skipper
Fighting Starlings
Just Hanging around
01_Bill Smith_Fighting Starlings
02_Walker Walker_What a Lot of Hot Air
03_Roger Johnstone_Common Darter Dragonfly (female)
04_Keith Dean_Crawford Street Gang
05_Howard Harrison_Keeping Up The Pace
10_Anne-Marie Imeson_Stairway Museum of Liverpool
09_Roger Johnstone_Reed Warbler Calling
08_Howard Harrison_Red Squirrel
07_Bill Smith_Morgan 3 Wheeler - Repairs
06_Walker Walker_Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)
Our ICPA Entry 2016
Liverpool Remembers
Lone Tree at Winskill
May's Print Competition
A small selection from our entry.
The Blacksmith
Lone Tree at Winskill
06_Walker Walker_Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)
05_Howard Harrison_Keeping Up The Pace
01_Bill Smith_Fighting Starlings
02_Walker Walker_What a Lot of Hot Air
03_Roger Johnstone_Common Darter Dragonfly (female)
04_Keith Dean_Crawford Street Gang
Just Hanging around
Female Blackbird Eating Berries
Fighting for the lead  Colne Grand Prix
Fallow Deer
small skipper
Large Boulder on Twistleton Scar
Snow Ridge on the Aiguille du Midi  Chamonix

"Tiger" by Jean Greenwood, 

"Wasp on Ivy" by Andy Pritchard,

 and " Dipper " by Kevin Duffy.

Red Kite Rolling into the Dive
Tour de France 2016

Tour De France 2016 &

Red Kite Rolling into the Dive

Wasp on Ivy
Wild Little Owl by Howard Harrison
"Fighting Starlings"
Nuthatch in the Rain
Church_Window_ Bodo
Sawfly Larvae on a Stem of Grass
Male Chaffinch
Long Tailed Tit
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Grey Squirrel
Large Red Damselfly
Dipper with Grubs
Four Spotted Chaser
Michael's Entry
Tony's Entry
News 2016