Gallery of images by Bill Smith

Two Fledgeling starlings begging for food..
Sunset run .   Panoptican Near Wycoller..
Sun set walk on CowlingPinnicle. Yorkshire.
Small tortoise shell butterfly on Astrantia .
Mist snow cold  Atmosphere.
Misty Sunset on the Ancient Vaccary stones . Near Wycoller
Morning light on  Fouldridge Reservoir.
Fiery sunset. on the ancient vacarry walling near Wycoller Lancashire.
Candle Light
80080 Double heads with Repton. East Lancs Steam Gala.
Frosty misty sunrise
Rageing torrant on colne water. Lancashire
starling doing the splits
Sunset. above wycoller.  On the vaccary walling. Pendle hill in the distence.
Vaccary Walling .Sunset.
Winter Wonderland.

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