Annual Competition - January 2013




1st Place and winner of the Henry Smith Cup 1st  

​The Busker  by Geoff Proctor

2nd Place  Full Sail  by Tony Hughes

3rd Place   Beyond Repair  by Keith Fanshawe



​1st Place and winner of the J.W.Smith Cup​​​​

​Gannet  by Andy Pritchard

2nd Place  Common Darter Dragonfly  by Andy Pritchard

3rd Place  Goosander  by Andy Pritchard

Annual Competition - January 2013


1st Place and winner of the Walter Harper Cup

LMS Class 54960 Leander  by Tony Hughes

​2nd "Ay Up - What's Goin On?" by  Roger Johnstone

3rd Whitby Goth Fest 2012  by Tony Mellor


​1st Place and winner of the Ken Oldfield Trophy​​

​​ Protest  by Tony Morris

2nd Place  Queen's Diamond Jubilee Visit To Burnley  by Roger Johnstone

3rd Place  Pendle Remembers The Witch Trials  by Roger Johnstone


1st Place and winner of the D.F.Jopson Cup

"Love Rain - Love Nelson"  by Roger Johnstone

2nd  Place Wrecks - Fleetwood  by Howard Harrison

3rd Place  Aldingham Breakwater  by Geoff Proctor


1st Place and winner of the Masie Alice Harrison Trophy​​

​ Common Darter Dragonfly  by Roger Johnstone

​2nd Place  Grey Squirrel  by Tony Mellor

3rd Place  Dipper On The River  by Tony Mellor

Monthly Print Competition - 16th April 2013

1st Place   Marooned in the Mud by Edward Charlesworth

2nd Place   Pendle Landmarks - St.Mary's Spire - Pendle Hill by Edward Charlesworth

3rd Place   Days of the Old Tin Bath by Roger Johnstone

4th Place    Brown Hare by Howard Harrison

5th Place    White Knuckle Ride by Roger Johnstone

6th Place    Patrick by Jean Greenwood

                            Digital Image Competition  7th May 2013


1st       Walker                          Tulip Study  ( Scanned Image )

2nd     Kenneth Wilmore           Floodlit Garden

3rd      Keith Dean                    Working Hard

4th      Tony Mellor                    Lady in Black

5th      Edward Charlsworth      Frosty Morning 


1st      Tony Mellor                   Dipper with Grubs

2nd    Jean Greenwood           Blue Tit

3rd     Andy Pritchard               Red Squirrel 

4th     Andy Pritchard               Newly Fledged Dipper 

5th     Roger Johnstone           Mother & Young Orangutan

Monthly Print Competition - 21st May 2013

1st Place   No Play Today by Anne-Marie Imeson

2nd Place   Lady in Tartan by Roger Johnstone

3rd Place   Great Spotted Woodpecker by Tony Mellor

4th Place    Imperial War Museum by Geoff Proctor

5th Place    Red Squirrel by Roger Johnstone

6th Place    Iris by David Threlfall


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Monthly Print Competition - 27th August 2013

1st Place   Leeds Grain Hall - Howard Harrison

2nd Place   Large Red Damselfly - Howard Harrison

3rd Place   Tunnel Vision - Roger Johnstone

4th Place    End of Play - Roger Johnstone 

5th Place    Long Tailed Tit - Tony Mellor

6th Place    Man Talk - Geoff Proctor 

                    Digital Image Competition  10th September 2013


1st       Walker                          Garlic  ( Scanned Image )

2nd     Bill Smith                       Rev E L Phillips aged 100

3rd      Walker                           Relics of a Seafaring Age

4th      Howard Harrison           Effort in Peleton

5th      Roger Johnstone           Pendle Hill from Coldwell 


1st      Walker                            Male Common Darter Eating an Aphid

2nd    Tony Mellor                     Brown Hawker Laying Eggs

3rd     Tony Mellor                     Orange Tip Butterfly 

4th     Edward Charlesworth      Common Fly

5th     Andy Pritchard                 Red Squirrel on Perch

Monthly Print Competition - 1st Ocotber 2013

1st Place   Large Red Damselfly - Tony Mellor

2nd Place   Pride and Joy - Bill Smith

3rd Place   Victoria Quarter Leeds - Anne-Marie Imeson

4th Place    Bill Self Portrait - Bill Smith

5th Place    Blue Tit - Tony Mellor

6th Place    Cordes-Sur-Ciel - Tony Morris 

Monthly Print Competition - 5th November 2013

1st Place   Barn Owl with Prey - Howard Harrison

2nd Place   Melancholy - Tony Mellor

3rd Place   Yellow Stemmed Bell Cap on Forest Floor - Tony Mellor

4th Place    Rainy Day in Nelson - Roger Johnstone

5th Place    Royal Exchange London - Tony Morris

6th Place    Busy Day at Chester - Kenneth Wilmore 

Large Red Damselfly
Pride & Joy
Victoria Quarter Leeds
Bill, Self Portrait
Blue Tit
Cordes Sur Ceil
Barn Owl with Prey
Yellow Stemmed Bell Cap
Rainy Day in Nelson
Royal Exchange London
Busy Day at Chester

                  ​​​  Digital Image Competition  3rd December 2013



​1st       Roger Johnstone         Setting The Pace

2nd     Tony Mellor                    Tears

3rd      Geoff Proctor                 Nature's Cycle

4th       Tony Morris                    Plane Trees at Dusk in Winter

5th       Bill Smith                        Hero                  





1st      Andy Pritchard                             Blue Tit

2nd    Tony Mellor                                   Common Green Grasshopper

3rd     Andy Pritchard                             Nuthatch 

4th     Howard Harrison                          Barn Owl

5th     Anne - Marie Imeson                   Bluebell


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Great Spotted Woodpecker


Tony Mellor

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