Results 2022
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February's Digital Image Competition


1st  Winter by Bill Smith

2nd William by Tony Mellor

3rd  Sunflower by Howard Harrison

4th  Flashback by  Roger Johnstone

5th  Buttermere and Fleetwith Pike by David Roberts


1st  Frosty Urban Fox by Howard Harrison

2nd Small Skipper Feeding on Thistle by Tony Mellor

3rd  Female Emperor Dragonfly Laying Eggs by Tony Mellor

4th  Speckled Wood by Anne-Marie Imeson

5th  Fledgling Chaffinch being Fed by Bill Smith

May 2022 - Digital Image / Print Competition

Open - Print

1st  Lady in Black - Tony Mellor

2nd Time - John Clough

3rd  A Bitter Cold day on Pendle Hill - Victor Kobak

4th  Albacore - Tony Morris

Nature - Print

1st  Bearded Tit - Anne-Marie Imeson

2nd Two Urban Red Foxes - Howard Harrison

3rd  Orange Tip Butterfly by Tony Mellor

4th  Starling Feeding Young - Bill Smith

Open - Digital

1st  Bow Fiddle Rock - Roger Johnstone

2nd Geoffrey in Thoughtful Pose - Anne-Marie Imeson

3rd View of Cullain Mountains Skye - Tony Hughes

4th  Bathtime,If I Catch You. - Tony Mellor

Nature - Digital

1st  Grey Heron with Nesting Material - Tony Mellor

2nd Female Siskin on Pussy Willow - Bill Smith

3rd Signs of Life - Victor Kobak

4th  Tree Bubblebee Queen - Howard Harrison

September 2022 - Digital Image / Print Competition

Open - Print

1st  A Moment in Time - Bill Smith

2nd Chris - Tony Hughes

3rd  Sierra Leone Helwith Bridge - Howard Harrison

4th  There's No Smoke Without Fire - Victor Kobak

Nature - Print

1st  Juvenile Sparrow - Bill Smith

2nd Orange Tip Butterfly on Cuckoo Flower - Tony Mellor

3rd  Norfolk Chaser - Howard Harrison

4th  Swallowtail Butterfly - Anne-Marie Imeson

Open - Digital

1st  Inside the Final Furlong - Roger Johnstone

2nd A Calm Morning on Ullswater - Stephen Singleton

3rd Wreck of Admiral Von Trump, Saltwick Bay - Bill Smith

4th  Give Way to the Sunset - Andy Pritchard

Nature - Digital

1st  Common Whitethroat - Tony Mellor 

2nd Bee Orchid - Anne-Marie Imeson

3rd Small Skipper Butterfly - Roger Johnstone

4th  Four Spot Chaser - Anne-Marie Imeson

November 2022 - Digital Image / Print Competition

Open - Print

1st  Spooky - Tony Mellor

2nd Wet Backstreets of Colne - Bill Smith

3rd Duchess of Sutherland, Blackpool - Tony Hughes

Nature - Print

1st  Common Blue Butterflies Mating - Tony Mellor

2nd Common House Fly - Tony Mellor

3rd  Grey Heron with Pike - Anne-Marie Imeson

4th  Male Reed Bunting - Bill Smith

Open - Digital

1st  Sunset at Whitby Abbey - Bill Smith

2nd Mallam Sunset - Andy Pritchard

3rd Winter Dawn Barrowford - Stephen Singleton

4th  White Water Aysgarth - David Roberts

Nature - Digital

1st  Bladetail Dragonfly with Prey - Roger Johnstone 

2nd Large Jawed Orb Web Spider - Howard Harrison

3rd Large White Butterfly on Thistle - Tony Mellor

4th Female Siskin - Bill Smith