Club Diary


12th October     -    Steve Hooton Padiham CC

                               Photoshop Tutorial

26th October     -    Nature at its Best

                               Ann- Marie Imeson and

                               Howard Harrison


 9th November  -   Members Night, Bring 10/15 images

                              or a short AV

23rd November -   Photographic Model Session                              

                              bring your camera's. 


 7th December  -  Lecture on Botswana

                             by Jeremy Malley Smith

21st December  - Boyd Harris Lecture 

                            Three Centuries of Photography –

                             a personal view.

      Next Meeting is on the 11th January 2022

January 2022

11th January - Annual General Meeting

                + Hand in night for 5 min AV's

25th January -  5 Minute AV competition
 + Hand in night for Digital Image competition

February 2022

   8th February -  Digital Image Competition,

                 Judge, Adrian Henley CPAGB of Colne

22nd February -  L&CPU Folio 2020

March 2022

  8th March -  Members’ Night, Images / AV's

22nd March - Astro Photography by Ken Jensen