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Nelson Naturalists Spring Programme 2024 

Keeping East Lancashire in the Picture

If you fancy a project this could be for you.

This exciting two-year project, 2023-2025, will bring together thousands of people in East Lancashire, of different ages and backgrounds, to make the amazing collections of historic photographs in their libraries more accessible, inclusive and sustainable.

With a budget of £222,000 (£192,000 provided by the National Lottery Heritage Fund), the project will see schools, community groups and individuals in Burnley, Pendle and Hyndburn invited and encouraged to

Explore their rich photographic heritage and help make digital versions of 100,000 images in the library collections.
Create new collections by finding significant existing images from within their communities and by taking new photographs that reflect life now
Share both old and new images, online – through Red Rose Collections - and offline, in ways that engage even more people in a creative and fun way.
An inclusive volunteering programme will be at the heart of what we do, with 75 digitisation and research volunteer opportunities created across 4 project hubs based in local libraries in Accrington, Burnley, Nelson and Colne.

We are recruiting volunteers for this project. Apply to be a Keeping East Lancashire in the Picture volunteer.

A key project aim is to ensure that the library photographic collections reflect the diversity of the communities in East Lancashire. For example, 15% of people in Burnley and Hyndburn are of South Asian heritage, and in Pendle it's 27%, but this is not reflected in the collections - the project will help redress this imbalance.

Contact us by email or phone 01772 533039 if you want to know more about the project, particularly if you are interested in getting involved.

Annual Presentation 2024

On Tuesday evening (20th Feb) we had our Annual Presentation Night + Pie & Pea Supper

once again supplied by Dianne's Caterers (Recomended)  We had a total of 30 members & guests who all seem to enjoy the evening.

Anne-Marie Imeson took Digital Photographer of the Year & Tony Mellor CPAGB took Print Photographer of the Year

Bill Smith had a good year, he won 3 out of the 6 trophy's while Tony Mellor won 2, and Anne-Marie Imeson won 1 &  Brian Hinton won the trophy for the best 5 Minute AV sequence. A lot of the members won certificates for Commended, Highly Commended & Very Highly Commended so all in all we had a very good night.

The slideshow below shows some of our members with their awards, well done everyone, keep up the good work.

Full results of The Annual Competition....see  "Results 2024"

  New Gallery of Images

Camera Club Member Mr. Jim Dunlop has published his Gallery of 14 Images. This can be viewed under "Members Galleries - Jim Dunlop" This is a service that is only open to club members, so if you would like to see your images on our club website then you are more than welcome to come and join us. Club membership for the year is only £15 plus £3 admission fee on each club night you attend, you also get tea/coffee & biscuits in with the price. See our "Syllabus" page for what's going on. Come & join us.

The Inter Club Photographic Alliance  Annual Digital Knockout Competition 2024 - Results

The ICPA held their Annual Digital Knockout on Tuesday 27th February and the competition was run by Ribblesdale CC. Ten clubs entered 10 images each, total 100 images. The judge was Mr Martin Patten from Watford who did the judging via Zoom. Martin made some excelent and constructive comments on all the images before getting down to the final round. The winning club was Chorley PS with Preston second & Ribblesdale third. Nelson CC managed to gain fifth place, well done Nelson CC. All the results can be seen below.

Our Annual Exhibition this year will be held at Nelson Library from Saturday 2nd March to 23rd March inclusive.

This year we have 32 prints on display by our members and its free to get in. Library opening times here.

Nelson Camera Club's Annual Print Exhibition 2024

Nelson Camera Club v Padiham Photographic Society

Inter Club Competition

On the 19th March 2024 Nelson CC & Padiham PS held a joint Inter Club Competition, and what a good night we had with over 40 members from both clubs enjoying the battle unfolding before us. Both clubs submited 10 digital images & 10 prints each, making a total of 40 images for the competition. The scoring for the evening was marks out of 20 for each image & the judge for the battle was Mr. Will Stead from Chorley CC. The prints were judged first, with Padiham PS taking a strong lead on this section scoring 177 marks against Nelson's 169, so Padiham had a lead of 8 marks going into the digital image section.

Nelson pulled back and scored 173 marks on their digital images while Padiham scored a total of 166 marks.

After all the scores were scutinised Padiham PS came out the winners by 1 mark.

So its congratulations to Padiham PS on their win and our members of Nelson CC are looking forward to the return battle on the 17th April (Wednesday) at their club, Ighten Leigh Social Club Padiham Rd., Burnley. Post Code BB12 6SZ, 7.30 pm.

Below are just a few of the images that were entered.

L & CPU Annual Individuals Competition 2024

You are cordially invited to prepare and submit your entries for the Annual Individuals Competition

This competition is held ‘in camera’ and is not open for audience viewing.

This is the L&CPU Annual event, where all club members are invited to choose and enter their images, in the following sections:

There are two categories in this section – Open (which includes colour & monochrome) and Nature.

There are three categories in this section – Open Monochrome, Open Colour and Nature

Can I please request that prints be collated and then submitted by your club competition secretary or another person in identifiable club print boxes; otherwise, the team sorting the prints have to try and manage individual print boxes and ensure that the correct prints go into the correct boxes – which can cause confusion

Full rules & guidelines for both competitions will follow but below is a summary of key dates:

Online entry for all sections
Saturday 30 March 2024
Saturday 4 May 2024

Judging....Saturday 18th May & Sunday 19th May

Prints Drop off point information will be sent to your Club Competition Secretaries  follow this link for more info.

April's Open & Digital Image Competition Results

Tuesday the 16th April saw our first Print + Digital Competition of the season, and we got off to a flying start with over 70 images to judge. Our judge for the evening was Mr Jeff Kirby CPAGB, President of Padiham Photographic Society. Jeff had a mammoth task to get through all the images in the time he had but once again he was thorough with his detailed remarks about each image. The images below all took 1st place in their sections.

To see all the results click here

Nelson v Padiham.....Results of the Battle

Wednesday 17th April, the battle between Nelson CC & Padiham PS continued.

The first round was the Print section and Nelson won that round with 181 points to Padiham's 161 points, good start for Nelson. The Digital Images came next and the judge, Mr Steve Proctor DPAGB, BPE5* of Ribblesdale Camera Club, favoured Padiham's images in that round, but only by 1 point. The score was Padiham 175 points to Nelson's 174 points so that round went to Padiham but the overall winner on the night was Nelson CC with 355 points to Padiham's 336 points.

Well Done Nelson & Well Done Padiham because over the 2 legs both clubs won 1 leg each so the outcome was a draw. Both these legs were very well attended and enjoyed by both clubs that we have agreed to have a return battle next year.

Here are a few of the images from the battle.

Keeping East Lancashire in the Picture

Members Gallery Updated

Camera Club Member Mr. John Clough today updated his Gallery of Images. This is a service that is only open to club members, so if you would like to see your images on our club website then you are more than welcome to come and join us. Club membership for the year is only £15 plus £3 admission fee on each club night you attend, you also get tea/coffee & biscuits in with the price. See our "Syllabus" page for what's going on. Come & join us.

Following the conclusion of 2024 Annual Individuals Competition, the L&CPU are pleased to confirm final ‘scores on the doors’.

The L&CPU Individuals' Competition Results  2024

May 2024, Print & Digital Image Competition

Tuesday 14th May we held our second competition of the season, we had a total of 64 entries, 46 digital &18prints. The judge on the night was Mr James Hardy CPAGB, former president of the L&CPU, from Chorley  who did a first class job of judging. His remarks and tips were extremely helpful to everyone who entered. Congratulations to all who entered, keep up the good work. See "Results 2024" for full results.

The images below are the winners from each category. Well Done.

Many thanks to the judges, who scored a fantastic 3,198 PDI’s & prints over the 2 days of the competition. So a big round of applause to


Graham Walton DPAGB