Who's who at the club
The committee is made up of a president, vice president, president elect, ​
​club secretary, syllabus secretary, competition secretary, treasurer,
webmaster and two ordinary committee members. ​
They are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in January each year.

The current committee is as follows:

President - Ken Wilmore
President Elect - Howard Harrison
Club Secretary - Anne-Marie Imeson
Treasurer - Tony Morris
Competition Secretary - Jean Greenwood
Syllabus Secretary - Geoff Atkins
Web Master - Tony Mellor CPAGB
Committee - Bill Smith & Michele Thompson

Club official
Auditor - Keith Dean​​​​

L & CPU - Howard Harrison​ & Anne-Marie Imeson
ICPA - Anne-Marie Imeson 

Selection Committee
Anne-Marie Imeson, Jean Greenwood
& Howard Harrison

Digital projectionists - Tony Mellor & Anne-Marie Imeson​

Address for the Webmaster is


A special thank you to our members who help make the refreshments each week.


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