2013 Competition Results
​​​​​​​​Annual Competition - January 2014




1st Place and winner of the Henry Smith Cup 
​               Lady in Black  by  Tony Mellor
2nd  ​​ Garlic  by  walker
3rd    Solitude  by  Tony Morris​




​1st Place and winner of the J.W.Smith Cup​​​​​
         ​Dipper with Grubs  by  Tony Mellor

 2nd  Orange Tip Butterfly  by  Tony Mellor
 3rd  Red Squirrel  by  Roger Johnstone

​​​​​​​​​Annual Competition - January 2014



1st Place and winner of the Walter Harper Cup
      Creatures of the Night  by  Tony Mellor
​2nd Pride and Joy  by  Bill Smith
3rd  Melancholy  by Tony Mellor

​1st Place and winner of the Ken Oldfield Trophy​​
         Gig by Tony Morris
2nd   War Veteran  by  Tony Mellor
 3rd   Wharfdale stand firm as Fylde Attack by Roger Johnstone

1st Place and winner of the D.F.Jopson Cup
        Tunnel Vision  by Roger Johnstone
2nd  Patrick  by  Jean Greenwood
3rd   It's a Mess  by  Bill Smith

1st Place and winner of the Masie Alice Harrison Trophy​​
​         Large Red Damselfly  by  Tony Mellor
​2nd  Great Crested Grebe with Young  by Howard Harrison

3rd   Red Squirrel  by  Roger Johnstone

Nelson Camera Club

Competition Results 2014

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                                                          ​​​​​​​​​​Monthly Print Competition - 15th April 2014

                                                                     Judge - Graham Dean AFIAP, CPAGB, BPE1*​

                                                                 1st Place - ​​Relics in an Old Cellar - Bill Smith
                                                                      2nd Place - Get Back in the Picture - Tony Mellor
                                                                                      3rd Place - Dodging the Tide, Bamburgh​​ - Roger Johnstone
                                                             4th Place - Common Darter - Tony Mellor
                                                                            5th Place - Moorland Tree near Wycoller - Bill Smith
                                                           6th Place - Lakeside Idyll - Tony Morris.​​​
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
                            ​​Projected Digital Competition - 6th May 2014


1st  - Grey Squirrel - Tony Mellor​
2nd​ - Harvest Mice - ​Anne-Marie Imeson
3rd -  Large Red Damselfly - Tony Mellor
4th - Short Eared Owl - Andy Pritchard​​
5th - Broad-Bodied Chaser - Roger Johnstone​


1st - Clayton-le-Woods Reservoir Revisited - Walker
2nd - ​​​​​​​​​Creatures of the Night -​Tony Mellor
3rd - 46233 and Pendle Hill - ​Andy Pritchard
4th - Melancholy​​ - Tony Mellor
5th - Floral Masquerade - Tony Morris​
Monthly Print Competition - 20th May 2014

1st - Green Finch Male - Howard Harrison
    2nd - Portrait of Lauren - Tony Mellor​ 
              3rd - Fighting for the Lead - Howard Harrison​    
4th - Marine Lake & Promenade Southport - David Threlfall
5th - Young Harvest Mice - Roger Johnstone​
6th - Green Hairstreak Butterfly - Roger Johnstone​

                                Monthly Print Competition - 26th August 2014

 1st - Dunnock - Bill Smith
2nd - Jay with Beech Mast - Howard Harrison
3rd - Tawny Owl - Tony Mellor​    
4th - Female Blackbird with Berries - Kenneth Wilmore
5th - Leopard, Panthera Pardus - Jean Greenwood
6th - The Time Keeper - Tony Mellor

Jay with Beech Mast
Tawny Owl
Female blackbird feeding on berries
Leopard - Panthera Pardus
The Time Keeper
                            ​​Projected Digital Competition - 9th September 2014


1st  - Grey Wagtail with Mayfly - Howard Harrison
​2nd - Barn Owl (wild) - Andy Pritchard
3rd -  Large Red Damselfly - Roger Johnstone
4th - House Sparrow (passer domesticus) - Bill Smith
5th - Aphid Lion with Vetch Aphid prey - Walker


 1st - Parellell Roads - Keith Dean
2nd - Morning Has Broken - Walker
 3rd - Japenese Anemone Leaf & Buds - Bill Smith
 4th - Fire Damage - Keith Dean
 5th - Media City - Andy Pritchard
Grey Wagtail with Mayfly
Barn Owl (wild)
Large Red Damselfly
House Sparrow (passer domesticus)
Aphid Lion witn Vetch Aphid Prey
Parallel Roads
Morning has Broken
Japanese Anemone Leaf & Buds
Fire Damage
Media City
 Monthly Print Competition - 30th September 2014

 1st - The Young Widow - Tony Mellor
2nd - Orange Tip Butterfly on Ribwort Plantain - Roger Johnstone
3rd - A Closely Guarded Secret - Roger Johnstone   
4th - Long Eared Owl - Anne-Marie Imeson
5th - Black Combe from North Walney - Howard Harrison
6th - Imperial War Museum at Night - Tony Mellor
The Young Widow
Orange Tip Butterfly on Ribwort Plantain
A Closely Guarded Secret
Long Eared Owl
Black Combe from North Walney
Imperial War Museum at Night
                                Themed Competition - 21st October 2014
​                                                         Pollution 

 1st - Tractor Junk Yard - Bill Smith
2nd - Making the Acid Rain Clouds - Walker
3rd - Nelson Pollution - Howard Harrison   
4th - Double Pollution - Anne-Marie Imeson
5th - Pollution, Back by Popular Demand - Walker


Tractor Junk Yard
Making the Acid Rain Clouds
Nelson Pollution
Double Pollution
Pollution, Back by Popular Demand
Green Finch Male
Portrait of Lauren
Fighting for the Lead
Marine Lake & Promenade, Southport
Young Harvest Mice
Green Streak Butterfly
Grey Squirrel
Harvest Mice
Large Red Damselfly
Short Eared Owl
Broad Bodied Chaser
Clayton-Le-Woods Reservior, Revisited
Creatures of the Night
46233 and Pendle Hill
Floral Masquerade
Great Crested Grebe with Young
Creatures of the Night
Large Red Damselfly
Red Squirrel
Tunnel Vision
War Veteran
Wharfedale stand firm as Fylde Attack
It's a Mess
Pride & Joy
 Monthly Print Competition - 4th November 2014

 1st - Remembering the Fallen (1914 - 2014 ) - Roger Johnstone
2nd - Blue Tit - Roger Johnstone
3rd - Evening Light showing Bridge Detail, Salford Quays - Anne-Marie Imeson
4th - Barn Owl Peeping out of Barn Door - Tony Mellor
5th - The Ancient Mariner - Jean Greenwood
6th - Tranquility, Inveraray - Ken Wilmore
Remembering the Fallen (1914 - 2014
Blue Tit
Evening Light Showing Bridge Detail, Salford Quays
Barn Owl Peeping out of the Barn
Ancient Mariner
Tranquility, Inveraray
                            ​​Projected Digital Competition - 2nd December 2014


1st - Grass of Parnassus - Keith Fanshawe
2nd - Asio Flammeus (Short Eared Owl) - Andy Pritchard
3rd - Aphid Lion & Prey - Walker
4th - Migrant Hawker - Howard Harrison
5th - Little Egret - Howard Harrison


 1st - Mary's Shell - Walker
2nd - Thinking - Alan Price
 3rd - Getting a Grip - Andy Pritchard
 4th - The Smiler - Tony Mellor
 5th - Quarry in Site - Mike Dickinson
Grass of Parnassus
Asio Flammeus(Short Eared Owl)
Aphid Lion & Prey
Migrant Hawker
Little Egret
Mary's Shell
Getting a Grip
The Smiler
Quarry in Site
  Digital Image of the Year


Mary's Shell


Print of the Year

Relics in an old Cellar


Bill Smith​​​​