Nelson Camera Club

Welcome to the Online Digital (Just for Fun) Image Competition Number 7.

Rules​......We don't want many of these.
               Only 1 entry per member in each competition.
               Subject Matter... Open Subject
 ​              Image size....1600 x 1200 or 1400 x 1050 pixels, try to keep the file size down to 1MB.
               Judging......score each image between 5 & 10, the lowest 5 and the highest 10, 1/2 marks will be allowed.
​              ​ Please mark your own image 71/2 marks.            
​​​               When e-mailing me an image I only want the image with a title, nothing else.
​               A thumbnail of each entry will be displayed, go to the slideshow to see the images & titles full size.
               Each entry will be displayed full size on a 
slideshow, each image will be displayed for 5 seconds then it will move on to the next                   one, to pause the slideshow place your cursor over the image and the slideshow will stop and the image title will be displayed.                     To start the slideshow again remove your cursor off the image, you can pause each image for however long you want to.
               When asked to, score each image out of 10 and e-mail the scores to me, any comments you would like to make about any                         image can be added to your e-mail.
               When all the scores are in they will be totalled up and displayed on the website along with all the authors names and any                             comments that are made. 

WeaversTop by Jim Dunlop
The wrecks at Fleetwood  Marsh Nature Reserve. by Bill Smith
Senorita by Tony Mellor CPAGB
Reaching for the sky by Robert Beveridge
Male Mandarin by Michelle Thompson
Morning Steam by Stephen Singleton
Point Of Ayr Lighthouse by Michael Whittaker CPAGB
Langdale Pikes by Lesley Whittaker
Holdsworth Chapel Halifax Minster by Mike Dickinson
Goldfinch by Andy Pritchard
Dales Sheep Round-up by Howard Harrison
BARN OWL by Tony Robinson
Black Tailed Godwit by Anne-Marie Imeson
Bolton Abbey plus Lensball Capture by Ken Wilmore
Chasing the S curve by Keith Dean
A Cloudy Day in Tenerife by Elizabeth Brown.
4 Big Men by Geoff Atkins
Senorita by Tony Mellor                                           161            1st
Point Of Ayr Lighthouse by Michael Whittaker       149           2nd
Goldfinch by Andy Pritchard                                    146.5        3rd
Barn Owl by Tony Robinson                                    144            4th
Black Tailed Godwit by Anne-Marie Imeson           141.5         5th
Holdsworth Chapel Halifax by Mike Dickinson      140            6th 
Morning Steam by Stephen Singleton                      140            6th
Fleetwood Marsh by Bill Smith                                135            8th
Langdale Pikes by Lesley Whittaker                        135            8th
Male Mandarin by Michelle Thompson                   130.5       10th
Bolton Abbey by Ken Wilmore                                128.5       11th
Weavers Top by Jim Dunlop                                     128          12th
Chasing The S Curve by Keith Dean                        122          13th
Looking For A Winner by Jeff Needham                 118.5       14th
Dales Sheep Roundup by Howard Harrison             117          15th
Reaching For The Sky by Robert Beveridge            116.5       16th
4 Big Men by Geoff Atkins                                       116          17th  

A Cloudy Day In Tenerife by Elizabeth Brown        101.5       18th
Some of your comments attached to the voting

             ​​​  "Excellent portrait shot"                                                                  "Good steam, nice capture round the bend"

​                                                                  "​​Sharp with good detail throughout"

   "Excellent capture, perhaps a little over saturated​"                                                    "Good Photoshop exercise"

"Clever composition nevertheless.​​"                    "The sun’s reflection has just tipped the exposure over the top in some places".

                 "A real cheeky looking chappie. Lovely shot of this amazing bird.
                                      ​Some loss of detail in the front chest plumage due to a slight over exposure.​​"

                        "Just an excellent shot. Sharp subject and great Bokeh. Full faced would have got top marks."

"A rare appearance. Lovely sharp colours captured well.​​"             "Great portrait shot. Just missing a flower in the subject’s hair."

                                                                          "Great Monochrome image​​"          

                                 I think overall its been a good and interesting competition​​​.    

 The Results Are In for our First Competition
1.Bank Vole
3.House Sparrow with Nesting Material
5.Turnstone on the Shore-line
6.Early light on goldfinch.
7.Mount Teide
9.Approaching Storm
10.LLandudno Pier
11.Reiki Healing
12.Its life Spock, but not as we know it
13. River Wharfe Hydro Electric Station
14. Family Outing
15. Illumination & Reflection
16. The Tree
17. Reed Flute Cave, Guilin
18.Canoeist on Linton Falls
19.Female Great Spotted Woodpecker
The Results Are In for our Second Competition
1st Female Great Spotted Woodpecker by Tony Robinson                               157 points
2nd Early Light on Goldfinch  by Bill Smith                                                    154 1/2
3rd BeWitched by Tony Mellor                                                                         152
4th Canoeist on Linton Falls  by Geoff Atkins                                                  150
5th Bank Vole by Andy Pritchard                                                                      149
6th Ronnie by Jim Dunlop                                                                                 146 1/2
7th Illumination & Reflection  by Ken Wilmore                                               145 1/2
7th Approaching Storm by Michael Whittaker                                                  145 1/2
9th River Wharf Hydro Electric Station by Mike Dickinson                             143 1/2
10th Turnstone on Shoreline by Howard Harrison                                             142
11th House Sparrow with Nesting Material  by Anne-Marie Imeson                141
12th Reiki Healing by Michelle Thompson                                                        140 1/2
13th Family Outing by Roger Johnstone                                                            139 1/2
13th Reed Flute Cave, Guilin  by Tony Morris                                                  139 1/2
15th Goshawk by Stephen Singleton                                                                  139
16th Llandudno Peir  by Lesley Whittaker                                                         137
17th Mount Teide by Elizabet Brown                                                                 136 1/2
18th The Tree by Jeffery Needham                                                                      131 1/2
19th It's Life Spok, But not as we know it. by Robert Beveridge                       126 1/2

                     Congratulations to Tony Robinson with 
​                      " Female Great Spotted Woodpecker "​

    Well done everybody, another superb set of images.   Stay Safe​

The 4th competition  "Open Mono".
1.Fly Tying - The General Practitioner
2.Iluminated acer leaf in a glass vace.
3.War-time Savings
4.Three Penny Piece Cuff Links
7.Bird Photographer Capturing Wildlife
8.Measuring Instruments
9.Cheese and Wine
11. Wine Time
13.Candle Perspective
14.Banana Milk Shake
15.The makings of a Pizza
16.Let's make a cake
17. Happy Birthday,Cool Cat
19.Biker Bokeh
20. My Busy Table
21. Knitting for the Hospice
The Results Are In for our Third Competition

​1st Fly Tying The General Practitioner by Tony Mellor                                      177 points
2nd Cheese and Wine by Anne-Marie Imeson                                                     169.5
Iluminated acer leaf in a glass vace. by Bill Smith                                        161.5
Eggtastic by Andy Pritchard                                                                          159.5
4th Bird Photographer Capturing Wildlife by Ken Wilmore                               159.5
6th Ginger Cake by Michael Whittaker                                                               158.5              
7th Candle Perspective by Stepen Singleton                                                       152
7th Banana Milk Shake by Mike Dickinson                                                        152
9th Bluebell by Lesley-Anne Whittaker                                                              151
9th My Busy Table by Keith Dean                                                                       151
11th Measuring Instruments by Howard Harrison                                               150
12thThe makings of a Pizza by Michele Thompson                                            147
13th  Knitting for the Hospice by Jeffery Needham                                             145
14th Lockdown NO FREE RANGE by Tony Robinson                                      144.5
15th War-time Savings by Tony Morris                                                               144
16th Three Penny Piece Cuff Links by Dave Roberts                                         142.5
17th Travelling by Geoff Atkins                                                                          139.5
17th Biker Bokeh by David Clegg                                                                       139.5
19th Let's make a cake by Robert Beveridge                                                       134.5
20th Wine Time by Elizabeth Brown                                                                   131.5
21st Happy Birthday,Cool Cat by Tony Hughes                                                  127

                             Congratulations to Tony Mellor with 
​                              " Fly Tying, "General Practitioner " 

      Well done everybody, another superb set of images.   Stay Safe​

" Score Sheet "
1.British  Motor Torpedo boat
2.In Repose
3.Quarry Convoy
4.Feathers & Pearls
5.Starling  feeding young.
6.The Cleaner
8.Waiting for the race
10.Rose & Herb Mix
11.Early Morning Mist & Frost
12.Working Windmill
13.Old Manse
15.Tornado at Langcliffe
16.Brew time
17.Suspended Rings
18.Up in Lights
19.Starling Feeding Time
20.Out of the tunnel
21.Car Wash
The Results Are In for our Fourth Competition

​1st Feathers & Pearls by Tony Mellor                                                                173.5 points
2nd Starling Feeding Time by Tony Robinson                                                   168
3rd Jean by Anne-Marie Imeson
Up in Lights by David Clegg                                                                        164
5th Working Windmill by Michael Whittaker                                                    162
Tornado at Langcliffe by Howard Harrison                                                  158              
7th Early Morning Mist & Frost by Ken Wilmore                                              157.5
8th Old Manse by Lesley Anne Whittaker                                                          156
9th Starling Feeding Young by Bill Smith                                                          154.5
10th The Cleaner by Stephen Singleton                                                              154
10th Barnstaple Railway by Jeffery Needham                                                    154
Waiting for the Race by Michele Thompson                                               153
13th  Brew Time by Andy Pritchard                                                                   152
14th Toledo by Jim Dunlop                                                                                 149.5
15th Quarry Convoy by Keith Dean                                                                   146
16th Car Wash by Tony Morris                                                                           144.5
17th Out of the Tunnel by David Roberts                                                           142.5
18th Rose & Herb Mix by Elizabeth Brown                                                       141
19th British Motor Torpedo Boat by Tony Hughes                                             140.5
20th In Repose by Mike Dickinson                                                                     138.5
21st Suspended Rings by Geoff Atkins                                                               125

                             Congratulations to Tony Mellor with 
​                                       " Feathers & Pearls 

      Well done everybody, another superb set of images.   Stay Safe​

    A Big Thank You To Everyone Who Supported This Competition​

" Score Sheet "
1.Three Queens visit Liverpool
2.Kayak action
3.Green Hairstreak Butterfly
4.The Shed
5.Tranquil evening at Martin Top
6.Lochen Urr. in Glen Etive Scotland..
7.Castle on a Rock
8.Home Grown 2020
9.Misty Morning in Bluebell Woods
10.Hold Down A Chord
11.Looking & Waiting
12.The Wreck Of Celestrial Dawn
14.Leaving the sunset behind
15.Colour Burst
16.Blue Tit feeding Young
The Results Are In for our 5th Competition
Congratulations to Tony Mellor with
​"Colour Burst"
 1st Colour Burst by Tony Mellor                                                                       145 points
 2nd Green Hairstreak Butterfly by Anne-Marie Imeson                                   143
 3rd Lochen Urr, Glen Etive Scotland by Bill Smith                                          142
 4th Vole by Tony Robinson                                                                               141
 5th Blue Tit Feeding Young by Ken Wilmore                                                   137 1/2
 6th Misty Morning in Blue Bell Woods by Stephen Singleton                         132 1/2
 7th Holding Down a Chord by Howard Harrison                                             132
 8th Home Grown by Geoff Atkins                                                                    130 1/2
 8th The Wreck of Celestial Dawn by Michael Whittaker                                 130 1/2
10th Kayak Action by Andy Pritchard                                                               128 1/2
11th Three Queens Visit Liverpool by Keith Dean                                            127              
12th Castle on the Rock by Lesley-Anne Whittaker                                          124 1/2
13th Leaving the Sunset Behind by Michelle Thompson                                  123 1/2
14th Looking and Waiting by Tony Morris                                                        117 1/2
15th Splash by Mike Dickinson                                                                          116 1/2
16th Tranquil Evening at Martin Top by Robert Beveridge                               112
17th The Shed by Elizabeth Brown                                                                    103



    Well done everybody, another superb set of images.   Stay Safe​

Competition Number 7
Subject    " Open "

1.Letting off Steam
2.Not on my Patch
3.Waiting for the Call
4.Large Skipper Butterfly
5.Brew Time
6.Goldfinch with two Fledgelings..
7.Angel of the North
8.Time Trial Pain
9.Grey Wagtail
10.St Benet's Mill
11.Please let me out
12.Dipper with Grubs
13.Young Barn Owls leaving nest hole
14.Lonely walk to school
15.Excess head of steam
  1st Medow Pipit by Tony Robinson                                                                 129 points
 2nd Goldfinch with 2 Fledglings by Bill Smith                                                127
 3rd Grey Wagtail by Anne-Marie Imeson                                                         122 1/2
 4th Dipper with Grubs by Howard Harrison                                                     120
 5th Young Barn Owls leaving Nest by Ken Wilmore                                       119
 5th.Not on my Patch by Tony Mellor                                                                119
 7th Excess Head of Steam by Keith Dean                                                         118 1/2
 8th St. Benet's Mill by Michael Whittaker                                                        116 1/2
9th. Time Trial Pain by Stephen Singleton
10th Letting Off Steam by Mike Dickinson                                                       114
11th Angel of the North by Tony hughes                                                           113              
12th Large Skipper Butterfly by Michelle Thompson                                       111 1/2
13th Please Let me Out by Lesley-Anne Whittaker                                           109 1/2
14th Lonely Walk to School by Geoff Atkins                                                    101 1/2
15th Waiting for the Call by Robert Beveridge                                                  97 1/2
16th Brew Time by Jeff Needham                                                                      90 1/2

                  Congratulation to Tony Robinson with his image
                                           " Meadow Pipit "​

    Well done everybody, another superb set of images.   Stay Safe​

Results of Competition No 6
1. Whalley Weir
2. Preaching to the converted
3. Steaming on a wet afternoon
4. Amber
5. A doorway with a view
6. Engulfed in Steam
7. Burrowing Owl. jpg
8. Morning light on  Fouldridge Reservoir.
9. End of an Era
10. Bearded Tit party
11. Lottie
12. Sunshine Through Autumn Leaves
13. A Christmas Robin
14. Dry Stone Walling, Nidderdale
15. Scanning the sea
16. Embden Goose,Head Detail
17. Porcelain Fungi
18. Splash Heart
19. The Secret Watermill
20. Tropaeolum Speciosum
21. South Stack at Sunset
Results for Competition No. 7

​1st The Secret Watermill by Andy Pritchard                                                        155
2nd Burrowing Owl by Geoff Atkins                                                                   154.5
3rd Embden Goose Head Detail by Tony Mellor                                                 154

Christmas Robin by Anne-Marie Imeson                                                       152.5
5th End of an Era by Roger Johnstone                                                                 150.5
Morning Light on Foulridge Reservoir by Bill Smith                                    149.5    
7th Bearded Tit Party by Howard Harrison                                                          148
8th Lottie by Jim Dunlop                                                                                      147.5
9th Amber by Bob Normanton                                                                             145.5
10th Dry Stone Walling, Nidderdale by Jeff Needham                                        143.5
10th Splash Heart by Michael Whittaker                                                             143.5
10th South Stack Lighthouse at Sunset by David Roberts                                   143.5
13th  Engulfed in Steam by Ken Wilmore                                                            142.5
13th Steaming on a Wet Afternoon by Stephen Singleton                                   142.5
15th A Doorway with a View by Michelle Thompson                                         139.5
16th Preaching to the Converted by Keith Dean                                                  133
17th Whalley Weir by Mike Dickinson                                                                130
18th Porcelain Fungi by Tony Hughes                                                                 127
19th Scanning the Sea by Robert Beveridge                                                        126
20th Tropaeolum Speciosum by Tony Morris                                                      124   
21st Sunshine Through Autumn Leaves by Elizabeth Brown                              121

​​                   Congratulations to Andy Pritchard with his image
                                     The Secret Watermill​

      Well done everybody, another superb set of images.   Stay Safe​

    A Big Thank You To Everyone Who Supported This Competition​