Nelson Camera Club

   Welcome to the Online Digital ( Just for Fun ) Image Competition.

Rules​......We don't want many of these.
               Only 1 entry per member in each competition.
               Subject Matter...anything goes, there is only 1 category, Open.​
 ​              Image size....1600 x 1200 or 1400 x 1050 pixels, try to keep the file size down to 1MB.
               Judging......score each image between 5 & 10, the lowest 5 and the highest 10, 1/2 marks will be allowed, DO NOT mark your                     own image.             
​​​               When e-mailing me an image I only want the image with a title, nothing else.
​               A thumbnail of each entry will be displayed, go to the carousel to see the images & titles full size.
               Each entry will be displayed full size on a 
carousel, each image will be displayed for 5 seconds then it will move on to the next                     one, to pause the carousel place your cursor over the image and the carousel will stop and the image title will be displayed. To                   start the carousel again remove your cursor off the image, you can pause each image for however long you want to.
               When asked to so, score each image out of 10 and e-mail the scores to me, any comments you would like to make about any                     image can be added to your e-mail.
               When all the scores are in they will be totaled up and displayed on the website along with all the authors names and any                             comments that are made.

               The first Competition is now open, entry will stay open until  midnight Thursday 26th March, all entries will be placed on the                         website for your viewing. Voting will close at midnight on Tuesday 31st March. 

We have 18 entries for this competition and you have until midnight Tuesday 31st March to send me your scores. Please score each image out of 10 ( don't go below 5 ) and 1/2 marks are allowed.     Start Judging.     What a good entry.
WeaversTop by Jim Dunlop
The wrecks at Fleetwood  Marsh Nature Reserve. by Bill Smith
Senorita by Tony Mellor CPAGB
Reaching for the sky by Robert Beveridge
Male Mandarin by Michelle Thompson
Morning Steam by Stephen Singleton
Point Of Ayr Lighthouse by Michael Whittaker CPAGB
Langdale Pikes by Lesley Whittaker
Holdsworth Chapel Halifax Minster by Mike Dickinson
Goldfinch by Andy Pritchard
Dales Sheep Round-up by Howard Harrison
BARN OWL by Tony Robinson
Black Tailed Godwit by Anne-Marie Imeson
Bolton Abbey plus Lensball Capture by Ken Wilmore
Chasing the S curve by Keith Dean
A Cloudy Day in Tenerife by Elizabeth Brown.
4 Big Men by Geoff Atkins
Senorita by Tony Mellor                                           161            1st
Point Of Ayr Lighthouse by Michael Whittaker       149           2nd
Goldfinch by Andy Pritchard                                    146.5        3rd
Barn Owl by Tony Robinson                                    144            4th
Black Tailed Godwit by Anne-Marie Imeson           141.5         5th
Holdsworth Chapel Halifax by Mike Dickinson      140            6th 
Morning Steam by Stephen Singleton                      140            6th
Fleetwood Marsh by Bill Smith                                135            8th
Langdale Pikes by Lesley Whittaker                        135            8th
Male Mandarin by Michelle Thompson                   130.5       10th
Bolton Abbey by Ken Wilmore                                128.5       11th
Weavers Top by Jim Dunlop                                     128          12th
Chasing The S Curve by Keith Dean                        122          13th
Looking For A Winner by Jeff Needham                 118.5       14th
Dales Sheep Roundup by Howard Harrison             117          15th
Reaching For The Sky by Robert Beveridge            116.5       16th
4 Big Men by Geoff Atkins                                       116          17th  

A Cloudy Day In Tenerife by Elizabeth Brown        101.5       18th
                                  Some of your comments attached to the voting

             ​​​  "Excellent portrait shot"                                                                  "Good steam, nice capture round the bend"

​                                                                  "​​Sharp with good detail throughout"

   "Excellent capture, perhaps a little over saturated​"                                                    "Good Photoshop exercise"

"Clever composition nevertheless.​​"                    "The sun’s reflection has just tipped the exposure over the top in some places".

                 "A real cheeky looking chappie. Lovely shot of this amazing bird.
                                      ​Some loss of detail in the front chest plumage due to a slight over exposure.​​"

                        "Just an excellent shot. Sharp subject and great Bokeh. Full faced would have got top marks."

"A rare appearance. Lovely sharp colours captured well.​​"             "Great portrait shot. Just missing a flower in the subject’s hair."

                                                                          "Great Monochrome image​​"          

                                 I think overall its been a good and interesting competition​​​.    

       The Results Are In