January 2021

Bill Smith has updated his Gallery of Images, click on this link to view them.

January 2021

Congratulations go to Mr. Roger Johnstone​ who last weekend was awarded a Credit from the Photographic Association of Great Britain, so Roger will have the letters behind his name CPAGB.

Well done Roger.

Three of Rogers images can be seen here along with his comments thanking the PAGB for their hard work.

January 2021

The results are in for our 9th 0n-Line Digital Image Competition and its congratulations to our first Joint Winners with

Anne-Marie Imeson & Howard Harrison both scoring 147.5 marks each. Well Done both of you. Follow this link to see all the images.

7.Pendle Hill in winter
6.Bearded Tit - Male

Joint Winning Images

Aggression - Colne Cycling Grand Prix
Broad Bodied Chaser
Common Blue Butterflies - Mating
Six Spot Burnet Moths -Mating
Mother & Young Orangutans
Moroccan Orange Tip Butterfly
Little Grebe with Good Catch
Keeled Skimmer Dragonflies - Mating
Mycena Arcangeliana (Angel's Bonnet)
Scots Guardsman on a Chilly Winters Day - Copy

Rogers CPAGB Panel

10th February 2021

ICPA Projected Digital Image  Knockout 2021

We came a very creditable joint 7th with 28 points in this years ICPA knockout competition, here  the  images that were used for the competition, well done everyone. 

                          1st Chorley 50

                         2nd Bury 40
                         2nd = Preston 40 
                          4th Leyland 34 
                          5th Blackburn 31
                          6th Rochdale 30
                          7th Nelson 28
                          7th = Bacup 28
                          7th = Burnley 28
                          7th = Padiham 28
                        11th Accrington 25
                        12th Colne 23


Our Entry

Common Blue Butterflies - Mating
6201 Princess Elizabeth near Clapham
Bearded Tit - male
Dexter out for a Run
Early morning light on an Autumnal Goldfinch
Yellow Hammer
Broad-bodied Chaser- female
Starling Dispute

15th February 2021

Flickr Sites from some of our members.

Four of our members also have quite a lot of images on Flickr. If you would like to visit their sites and view their work, follow their links on their Gallery pages.

Or click on these links below.

Mike Dickinson

Bill Smith

Andy Pritchard

Tony Mellor

24th February

The results are in for our 10th On-Line digital Image Competition, and its congratulations to our newest member Stephen Singleton with his superb image of " Young Peregrine wih Prey "   Well Done.

Again a big thank you to you all for supporting this competition, and it could be, we will back at the club later in the year all being well.

Take Care & Stay Safe.​​​​

Follow this link for all the results.​​

Young Peregrine wih Prey

27th February

Anne-Marie gets photo of the week....RSPB,

" Water Rail​ "

Sometimes described as sounding like a disgruntled squealing piglet. Or perhaps you’ve heard its tired moan and sharp ‘kip’ calls when disturbed, the water rail is a common backdrop to your wetland walk. But how many of us can say we have seen one in the open, or even, photographed one? Well Nature’s Home reader, Anne-Marie Imeson from Nelson in Lancashire and also a member of Nelson Camera Club ticked all the boxes. ​Anne-Marie photographed this on one of her many visits to Leighton Moss Nature Reserve. Well spotted and a well taken image.​​​

28th February

Howard gets his Bearded Tits Published​

Mr. Howard Harrison who is also a frequent visitor to Leighton Moss Nature Reserve​ gets one of his images of Bearded Tits feeding on grit published in RSPB's magazine, another one of Howards superb images. 

21st March

 L&CPU Annual Club Digital Competition 2021

Nelson Camera Club sent an entry to the L&CPU Annual Club Digital Competition 2021​ and although we only managed to gain 32nd place in the Open section, out of 41 we had quite a lot of images which scored 15 marks out of a possible 20. In the Nature section we did better, getting 27th place out of 40, so well done everyone and keep up the good work. The slideshow opposite shows the images that scored 15 and over.

For a full list of results click on this link.​​​​

Welcome to the Tea House     Roger Johnstone    15
Up in Lights    David Clegg    17
The Secret        Watermill        Andy Pritchard    16
Starling with Nesting Material  Ken Wilmore     15
Hold Down a           Chord              Howard Harrison   15
Not on my Patch   Tony Mellor    15
Nuthatch       Roger Johnstone    17
Senorita           Tony Mellor   16
Colour Burst    Tony Mellor     16
Dipper with              Grubs        Howard Harrison   15
End of an Era   Roger Johnstone 15
Goldfinch with two fledgelings Bill Smith   17
80080 Double Heads with         Repton               Bill Smith    16
Brown Hare   Andy Pritchard    15
Candlelight        Bill Smith     15

21st March 

Michael Whittaker CPAGB, BPE1* + Gold Medal Winner

During lockdown Michael has been entering​ BPE Competitions all over the country to gain BPE recognition, well he finally achieved that last week when he gained 25 acceptances scoring over 12 marks out of 15 in competitions he entered in the last 12 months, so Michael was awarded BPE1*.

​Then yesterday he received an email congratulating him on winning the Gold Medal in the Open Colour Section of the South Birmingham “Image 21” Exhibition. What a good result.

Congratulations Michael on your success, well deserved.​

If you would like more information about the BPE

​(British Photographic Exhibition )​ follow this link.




             Gold Medal Winner

         " Who's Idea Was This "​

Just a few of Michael's Acceptances

29th March

The Results of our 11th On-Line Digital Image Competition have been published on our website. We had another good selection of images for our members to vote on. When all the votes had been cast Mr. Howard Harrison  took 1st place with his image of " Redshank, Breeding Plumage "

Well done Howard, to see all the results click on this link.

Redshank, Breeding Plumage 

News 2021