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Nelson Camera Club

Competition Results 2016

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Annual Competition - January 2016Prints​​

Prints - General​​​

​​1st Place and winner of the J W Frankland Cup
      Problems - Bill in his Hanger by Bill Smith
2nd Place
      The Lonely Walk by Chris Robinson​​

3rd Place
      Portrait of Bill with Hat by Bill Smith


Prints - Photojournalism

1st Place and winner of the Ken Oldfield Trophy​​
      Fighting for the Lead - Colne Grand Prix 2015
      by Bill Smith​
2nd Place
      Crossing the Finish Line by Roger Johnstone
3rd Place
       Padiham Pulls Together After the Floods
      ​ by Geoff Proctor  


Prints - Monochrome​​

​​ ​1st Place and winner of the Walter Harper Cup ​ 
       Large Boulder on Twiston Moor by Bill Smith
2nd Place
       Morgan 3 Wheeler Repairs by Bill Smith
3rd Place
       Echoes of the Past by Roger Johnstone


​​Prints - Nature

1st Place and winner of the Maisie Alice Harrison Trophy
      Great Spotted Woodpecker by Bill Smith
2nd Place
      Red Squirrel by Bill Smith
3rd Place
       Female Blackbird Eating Berries by Ken Wilmore
Annual Competition - January 2016

Projected​​ Digital Images


1st Place and winner of the Henry Smith Cup
      Healy Dell by Walker

2nd Place
      At the Water Hole by Walker

3rd Place
      Romantic Journey by Roger Johnstone​​​​​


1st Place and winner of the J.W.Smith Cup
      Fighting Starlings by Bill Smith

2nd Place
      Red Squirrel by Bill Smith

3rd Place
      Fallow Deer by Andy Pritchard
Print Photographer of The Year 2015
went to ​
Bill Smith​​

Projected Image ​​Photographer of The Year 2015
went to​
Andy Pritchard

"The D F Jopson Cup"
for the best 5 minute AV Competition 2016, went to
Tony Mellor
Pond Life​​

Healey Dell.jpg
At the water hole
Romantic Journey
Problems - Bill in His Hanger
The Lonely walk
Portrait of Bill with Hat
Fighting for the lead  Colne Grand Prix
Crossing the Finish Line
Padiham pulls together after the Floods
Large Boulder on Twistleton Scar
Morgan 3 Wheeler - Repairs
Echoes of the Past
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Red squirrel (2)
Female Blackbird Eating Berries
Fighting Starlings
Red Squirrel
Fallow Deer
Monthly Print Competition - 26th April 2016 
1st - Nuthatch in the Rain - Howard Harrison
2nd - Leaving the Underground - Roger Johnstone
3rd - Old Tree On Noyna Hill, With Pendle In The Distance - Bill Smith 
4th - Goldfinch on Bulrush  -  Bill Smith
5th - Clock Repairs - Bill Smith 
6th - The Blacksmith - Tony Mellor​​​​
Nuthatch 035 in rain
Leaving the Underground
The old tree above noyna copy
Goldfinch on Bulrash
Clock Repairs
The Blacksmith

1st - ​​Goldfinch Collecting nesting material - Bill Smith
2nd - Great Crested Grebe Weed Dance - Walker
3rd - Cladonia Lichen in Flower - Tony Mellor
4th - Sparrow Hawk with Prey - Bill Smith
5th - Barn Owl (wild)  - Andy Pritchard


1st - ​​Wood Screws - Roger Johnstone
2nd - Winter Sun  - Geoff Proctor
3rd - ​​Gothic Beauty - Tony Mellor
4th - Here's Looking At You Kid - Michael Whittaker
5th - Scott Arfield during Burnley FC promotion win.
         by Andy Pritchard​​​
Projected Digital Image Competition  -  10th May 2016
Wood Screws
winter sun
Gothic Beauty
Here's Looking At You Kid
Scott Arfield during Burnley FC's promotion win v Queens Park Rangers
Gold finch collecting nesting material of a bullrush
Great Crested Grebe Weed Dance
Cladonia Lichen in Flower
Sparrow Hawk with prey in the rain
Barn Owl Tyto alba( Wild)
 1st - Nathan - Michael Whittaker
2nd - Long Tailed Tit -Tony Mellor
 3rd - Moroccan Orange Tip Butterfly - Roger Johnstone 
 4th - Top Hats at Dawn - Tony Mellor
 5th - Siesta Time - Michael Whittaker 
 6th - Cultivated Mushrooms on Moss Bed - Tony Mellor​​​​
Long Tailed Tit
Morrocan Orange Tip Butterfly
Top Hats at Dawn
Siesta Time
Cultivated Mushrooms on Moss Bed
Monthly Print Competition - 24th May 2016 
Monthly Print Competition - 24th August 2016 
 1st - Susan - Michael Whittaker
2nd - An Angel Ascending - Roger Johnstone
 3rd - Male Chaffinch - Tony Mellor
 4th - Autumn Rut - Michael Whittaker
 5th - Barn Owls in Hedgerow - Roger Johnstone
 6th - Rocks Above Widdup Reservoir - Bill Smith​​​​
An Angel Ascending
Autumn Rut
Barn Owls in the Hedgerow
Rocks above widdop reservoir
Projected Digital Image Competition  13th September 2016

1st - ​​Tour De France 2016 - Tony Morris
2nd - Homeward Bound - Michael Whittaker
3rd - 44871 Steams Past Langcliffe - Bill Smith
4th - Stacks of Colour - Roger Johnstone
5th - Guarding the Hills - Geoff Atkins 


1st - ​​Red Kite Rolling into the Dive - Andy Pritchard
2nd -Stonechat - Andy Pritchard
3rd - ​​Coal Tit gathering Nesting Material - Bill Smith
4th - Greenfinch in the Rain - Tony Mellor
5th - Black Darter - Roger Johnstone
Tour de France 2016
Homeward Bound
44871 steams past Langcliffe
Stacks of Colour
Guarding the Hills
Red Kite Rolling into the Dive
Coal Tit Gathering nesting material
Greenfinch in the Rain
Black Darter
 1st - Wild Little Owl - Howard Harrison
2nd - Goldfinch on a Bulrush - Bill Smith
 3rd - Eileen Donan Castle - Michael Whittaker
 4th - Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly - Roger Johnstone
 5th - Stained Glass Window, Bodo Cathedral, Norway - Michael Whittaker 
 6th - Phillip - Michael Whittaker​​​​
Monthly Print Competition - 27th September 2016 
Wild Little Owl
Goldfinch on a bullrush  bill smith
Eileen Donan Castle
Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly
Stained Glass Window,. Bodo Cathedral Norway
Annual Themed Competition - 11th October 2016 
 1st - Brooklyn Bridge - Lesley Whittaker
2nd - Singing Ringing Tree Burnley's Panopticon - Tony Mellor
 3rd - Lindisfarne Castle - Keith Fanshawe
 4th - The Halo - Geoff Proctor
 5th - Chateau De Val, Auvergne France - Michael Whittaker
Brooklyn Bridge
Singing Ringing Tree, Burnley's Panopticon
Lindisfarne Castle
The Halo
Chateau De Val, Auvergne, France
Monthly Print Competition - 1st November 2016 
 1st - Alan - Bill Smith
2nd - Colour Circle - Roger Johnstone
 3rd - Doctors Car, Oradour sur Glane - Michael Whittaker
 4th - Old Dynah - Michael Whittaker
 5th - The Gamekeeper And His Wife - Roger Johnstone 
 6th - The Mill Workers - Tony Mellor​​​​
Colour Circle
The Gamekeeper And His Wife
Mill Workers
Projected Digital Image Competition  29th November 2016

 1st - ​​Boathouse - Ullswater - Roger Johnstone
2nd - Salford Keys - Ken Wilmore
3rd - Great Gable - Michael Whittaker, CPAGB
4th - Quiet Waters - Keith Fanshawe
5th - US Cemetery Cambridge - Jeff Needham 


 1st - ​​Grey Heron Incoming - Andy Pritchard
 2nd -Curlew on Seashore- Roger Johnstone
 3rd - ​​African Black Rhinoceros - Howard Harrison
 4th - African Cheetah - Howard Harrison
 5th - Pairing Swans - Tony Hughes
Boathouse - Ullswater
Salford Quays
Great Gable
Quiet Waters
US Cemetery Cambridge
Grey Heron Incoming
Curlew on Seashore
African Black Rhinocerous
African Cheetah
Pairing Swans
  Digital Image of the Year


Red Kite rolling into the Dive​​


Andy Pritchard​​​​
Print of the Year


Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly


Roger Johnstone​​​​