Competition Results2012
Annual Competition 2012 (January 2012)

PRINTS     (Judge - Chris Speak ARPS)              ​                 
GENERAL - Colour Prints  
1st Place  and winner of the Walter Harper Cup                                
              Joan Bateson                Autumn                                                         
2nd      Geof Proctor                  North Pier Blackpool                
3rd       Anne-Marie Imeson      The Work Bench    

NATURE - Colour Prints
 1st  Place and winner of the  Masie Alice Harrison Trophy                        
            ​ ​Tony Mellor                    Yellow Hammer                                                      

2nd      Terry Imeson                 Sparrow Hawk with Prey            
3rd       Roger Johnstone          Blue Tailed damselflies Mating

1st Place and winner of the  D.F.Jopson Cup 
             Roger Johnstone          Spoilt for Choice

​2nd      Tony Mellor                    Woodland Cascade
3td       Roger Johnstone           A Foggy Day in London Town     


1st Place and winner of the Ken Oldfield Trophy​​
             Tony Morris                    Against the Cuts

​2nd      Terry Imeson                  Land of Hope & Glory - Albert Hall 

3rd       Tony Morris                    Public Consultation

Monthly Print Competition 17th April 2012

1st      Tony Morris              Llandudno Pier in Winter​​
2nd    Tony Mellor               Great Spotted Woodpecker
3rd     Tony Mellor               Welcome to My World
4th     Jean Greenwood      Daybreak approaching
5th     Jean Greenwood      ​Golden Light of the Setting Sun

Monthly Print Competition 22nd May 2012

1st     Roger Johnstone           Brimstone butterfly​​
2nd   Roger Johnstone           Pretty as a Picture
​3rd    Tony Mellor                    Grey Sqirrel
4th​    Roger Johnstone           Twist of Colour
5th    Jean Greenwood           Wastwater

Monthly Print Competition 28th August 2012

1st     Roger Johnstone-             Waiting to see the Queen
2nd   Tony Mellor                        Jay
3rd    Roger Johnstone               Love Rain Love Nelson
4th    Howard harrison                Green Hairstreak
5th    Edward Charlesworth       Nature's Necklace

Monthly Print Competition 2nd October 2012

1st     Roger Johnstone       Pendle Remembers the Witch Trials
2nd   Roger Johnstone       Colne Town Centre Bike Race 2012
3rd    Jean Greenwood       Engineering Artefact
4th    Tony Mellor                Gothic Beauty
5th    Howard Harrison       Fleetwood Wrecks


Digital Image Competition 11th Sept.  2012


​1st       James Lee                     Allium Moly 
2nd     Tony Mellor                    Woodland Cascade
3rd      Joan Bateson                 Crummock Water 
4th      Roger Johnstone           View from the tea House
5th      Walker                             Vertigo




1st      Anne-Marie Imeson       Dipper
2nd    Roger Johnstone            Bittern
3rd     Goeff Atkinson                Cypripedium Calceolus 
4th     Tony Mellor                     Mating Damslflies 
5th     Roger Johnstone            Large Skipper 


Monthly Competition (Prints) - 6th November 2012 

1st     Tony Mellor                  Two's Company
2nd    Roger Johnstone        Common Darter Dragonfly
3rd     Anne-Marie Imeson    ​The Three Graces, Liverpool
​4th     Jean Greewood           Eagle Owl
5th     Geoff Proctor                Leader of the Pack

Monthly Competition (Prints) - 4th December 2012

1st     Tony Mellor            Black Veined White
2nd    David Threlfall       After the Rain
​3rd     Geoff Proctor          Church of St James, Clapham 
​4th     Tony Morris            Reliving the past
5th     Roger Johnstone   
Unable to hide her surprise


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​​               Print of the year 2012

                    Welcome to My World by Tony Mellor
                   (submitted in the April competition)

                Projected Image of the year 2012
             Vertigo by Walker
                (submitted in the September competition)​​​​

Digital Image Competition - 16th October 2012


1st       Edward Charlesworth    Widdop Trees and Barn
2nd     Jean Greenwood             Out for a Ride
3rd      Tony Mellor                       Attitude​
4th      Kenneth Wilmore             Homeward Bound
5th      Geoff Proctor                    Kusadasi Sunset


1st     Andy Pritchard                  Wasp, Head detail
2nd   Walker                                  Little Owl
3rd    Roger Johnstone              Azure Damselleflies mating
4th    Tony Mellor                         Humming Bird Hawk Moth
5th    Tony Mellor                         Jay

Annual Competition 2012 (January 2012)

PROJECTED IMAGES (Judge - Mike Davis)


1st and winner of the Henry Smith Cup
            Roger Johnstone          Solving the Problem

2nd     Joan Bateson               Long Shadows​​​​​​​
3rd      Jean Greenwood          Reflection of Beauty

​1st Place and winner of the J.W.Smith Cup​​​
          Tony Mellor                    Small Skipper​​​​​​​

​2nd   Tony Mellor                    Mating Damselflies​
3rd    Tony Mellor                    Dipper with Grub​

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