Competition Results 2011
Results of Annual Competition 2011   (judge John Fletcher)

         NATURE - Colour Prints
         1st       Roger Johnstone         Caterpillar of Swallowtail Butterfly
         2nd      Keith Fanshawe          Four Spotted Chaser
         3rd       Tony Mellor                  Orange Tip Butterfly

        GENERAL - Colour Prints
         1st       Geoff Proctor               Sarah
         2nd      Jean Crick                   Derwentwater in Autumn
         3rd       Terry Imeson               Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

         1st       Tony Mellor                  Taking a Break
         2nd      Roger Johnstone        Fisherman - It's a Hard Life
         3td       Roger Johnstone        Grasmere from Loughrigg Fell         

        1st       Tony Morris                  Ruminating
        2nd      Roger Johnstone        Slip Streaming, Men's National
                                                                Road Race Championship 2010
        3rd       Roger Johnstone        'Cleaned Bowled'
                                                                  - Village Cricket Match
12th April 2011 - Prints (judge Peter Hurst)

1st Tony Mellor - Woodland Cascade
 2nd Joan Bateson - Haweswater
3rd Tony Morris - Shafts 
4th Anne-Marie Imeson - The Great Court British Museum 
5th Terry Imeson - Lonely Walk           


SLIDES - General - Hayhurst Cup -      Victor Kobak
               - Nature - J.W.Smith Cup -     Colin Hesketh

PRINTS - General - Walter Harper Cup - Geoff Proctor
               - Nature - Masie Alice Harrison Trophy -
                                                                Roger Johnstone

MONOCHROME - Open - D.F.Jopson Cup -
                                                                     Tony Mellor

PHOTOJOURNALISM - Open - Ken Oldfield Trophy -
                                                                      Tony Morris
PRINT OF THE YEAR 2010 - Mary Fryer Trophy ​
                                                             Roger Johnstone

SLIDE OF THE YEAR - Nelson Camera Club Trophy -
                                                                Victor Kobak
24th May 2011 - Prints (judge Peter Williamson)

1st Albert Woods - Grey Heron
2nd Roger Johnstone - The Nuthatch on Alert
3rd Anne-Marie Imeson - Shapes & Colours
4th Roger Johnstone - A feather in her Cap 
5th Tony Hughes - Shipwrecks

23rd August 2011  - Prints  (judge Mike Davis)
1st  Tony Mellor - Blizzard Conditions - Austrian Alps
2nd  Anne-Marie Imeson - Zell-am-See, Austria
3rd  Roger Johnstone - Blue-tailed Damselflies Mating 
4th  Roger Johnstone - I'm watching You  
5th  Jean Greenwood - Warm glow of Dusk, New Brighton Lighthouse 

13th September 2011 - Digital  (judge Graham Dean)

Nature Class
1st Tony Mellor - Honey Bee, Collecting pollen
2nd Tony Mellor- Common Green Grasshopper
3rd Allium Molly - James Lee
4th Fulmar - Keith Fanshaw
5th Ornamental Poppy - Roger Johnstone
General Class
1st Roger Johnstone - Into Battle
2nd Joan Bateson - Long Shadows
3rd Edward Charlsworth - Winter Pearls
4th Roger Johnstone - Old Boathouse, Beadnell
5th Geoff Procter - Mediterranean Sunset    

27th September 2011 - Prints  (Judge Alec Dawson)

1st Roger Johnstone - Spoilt for Choice 
2nd Anne-Marie Imeson - Llynnau Mymbyr Snowdonia
3rd Terry Imeson - To Get A Head - Get A Hat
4th Tony Mellor - Yellow Hammer

18th October 2011 - Digital (judge Adrian Hendley)

Nature Class
 1st   Tony Mellor - Mating damselle flies
 2nd  Tony Mellor - Small skipper
 3rd  Roger Johnstone - Scarce chaser
 4th   Edward Charlesworth - One angry bird
 5th   Alan Price - Pine Cones
General Class
1st   Roger Johnstone - Colne town centre bike race
2nd  Tony Mellor - Tom Gill Falls
3rd  Jean Greenwood - Refelction of beauty
4th   Edward Charlesworth - Morning is breaking
5th   Keith Dean - Shall I smile?

1st November 2011 - Print
(judge Mike Stanley)

1st     Howard Harrison - Nene Hawaian Goose
2nd    Geoff Proctor - Away from it all
3rd     Tony Mellor - Caterpillar of the Elephant Hawk Moth covered in morning dew
4th    Terry Imeson -  Reflecting
5th     Tony Mellor - Fishing hut at sunset

6th December 2011 - Prints
​(judge Michael Newton)

1st   Tony Mellor - Attitude - Whitby Goth Festival
2nd  Roger Johnstone - Red-veined Darter
3rd  Roger Johnstone - A Foggy Day in London Town
4th   Roger Johnstone - Keeping out of the Sun
5th   Tony Morris - Against the Cuts 

PRINT OF THE YEAR 2011:     
​Tony Mellor -Yellow Hammer​
​(See below - 27th September)
​Keith Dean - Shall I smile?    
​(See below - 18th October)

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